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Allgäu Skyline Park

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Pure adrenaline in the amusement park in Bavaria. Thrill, rapid pulse, breathless tension and a comforting, eerie tingling throughout the body - Action enthusiasts will in the amusement park in Bad Wörishofen their money. The brave first test the ultimate heart rate accelerator Sky Wheel, the highest overhead roller coaster in Europe.

Of 50 m height du races with an acceleration of up to 5 G headlong into the depth. And if you now had a taste, you climb into the sky shot and leaves 90m catapult you into a ball in the sky.

Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen young and old will certainly come at their expense! Entertaining Family Hits and children endless fun are available for happy hours in the amusement park in the Allgäu on the program. Rejoice can write to more than 60 attractions and exciting events throughout the year that you experience with your friends, your family or the whole class!

Opening times in the season

April 1 to November 5 09.00 to 17.00. In July and September meistbis 18:00 in August mostly to 19:00.
For details see https://www.skylinepark.de/infos-service/oeffnungszeiten/

Cash open from 9 am
Formula 1 car and shot Sky already open from 9 am | Full driving operation from 10 am | Main restaurant opened at 9 am with breakfast menu

Outside of holiday (Monday to Friday), it may partly be a change driving on the rides and in that time all dining facilities are not open.


Per visitor (from 150 cm)

28,00 euro

Per visitor (110-150 cm height)
(Children under 110 cm free admission)

23.00 euro

Combination ticket (valid for 2 visits over 150 cm and 2 visitors under 150 cm),
more visitors than 150 cm only 20.00 EUR!

82,00 euro

Seniors (60 years, with ID)

16.00 euro

Group rates (for 20 paying people) pp
The group rate is per person from 110 cm size. It can be granted only after prior written notification (before visiting min. 1 day). Per 20 paying guests a tour guide has free admission. A bus driver of a tour operator has free admission and will receive a meal voucher in the amount of 10.00 euros + free coffee.

18.50 euro

School classes and kindergarten groups pp
per 10 students has one teacher free. Special price valid only during school hours (Bayern) and not on the weekends! (Only on written application and upon presentation of a certificate of school)

11,50 euro

Birthday children (up to the 14th birthday, +/- 5 days)
Please bring your ID! Birthday guests (from 6 paying visitors)
receive the special price of 18.50 euros per person


Family Day every Friday pp
Does not apply on public holidays, long weekends or during school holidays (Bayern)

18.50 euro

Introductory price
inlet 2 hours before closing

12,00 euro

People with disabilities
wheelchairs and the blind are admitted free. (Escorts at "B" in the certificate 6,50 Euro)

13,00 Euro

2-day ticket per person
valid for two consecutive days
visitors (from 150 cm)
visitors (110-150 cm)

42.00 EUR
34.00 EUR

Annual Passes 2017
Valid for 1 year from date of issue, not transferable.
Visitors (from 150 cm)
visitors (110-150 cm)

75.00 EUR
59.00 EUR

Dogs must be kept on a short leash. Carrying of dogs in the rides, attractions and shows is not allowed. The dog owners are obliged to dispose of the legacy of her dog in the provided bins. At the ticket office there this free dog waste bags. Dogs muzzled must bear this in Skyline Park.

2.00 EUR

© Allgäu Skyline Park

More than 60 attractions to spend time with the kids

  • "Old Love": The swing boat
    • Who sets sail with the "Old Love", teetering on breezy waves!
  • bumper cars
    • In generations classics on a collision course: mini cars for Maxi-driving pleasure.
  • construction trip
    • The greatest construction site in the world: Access for kids welcome!
  • Bob Racing
    • drive Bob makes a good mood and makes you certainly under way!
  • Flight of the Caribbean
    • Ship ahoy: conquer the oceans in flying pirate boats!
  • formula 1
    • Sensationally exciting races in the Formula 1 circus of Allgäu Skyline Park!
  • Funny Cars
    • The special driving fun: the fun Funny Car Collection at the amusement park!
  • High Fly
    • At 33 meters high, the largest overhead swing in a German amusement park!
  • Kids Cars
    • Kids Cars is a beginner ride for the little ones.
  • Kids Farm
    • In the amusement park and farm you can stroke many animals and feed them!
  • Kids Spin
    • The perfect introduction coaster for the kids.
  • Children's Railway
    • Very large station for small guests: "All aboard and close the doors!"
  • children canoes
    • Canoe trip for little adventurers and large canoe captains!
  • Kinderkarussell
    • A true gem: the timeless nostalgia carousel for kids!
  • crinoline
    • In good old tradition: Nostalgic moments on the crinoline!
  • Nautic Jets
    • Which Nautic Jet Pilot creates the longest jump and the largest water fountain?
  • Nostalgic roller coaster
    • Oldie but Goldie: our nostalgic roller coaster original, built in 1967!
  • Parkbähnchen
    • A train journey that is funny ... - let's go to a Parkbähnchen-round!
  • Pony Trip
    • On the back brave horse in the footsteps of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand!
  • Ferris wheel
    • "A Gfui wia on since oidn Oktoberfest and very Bavarian Gwand: the Ferris wheel"!
  • giant slide
    • Family Championships giant slides on the towering wave slide!
  • shooting gallery
    • As in Western yesterday, but for people of today: the Shooting Gallery!
  • Sky Circle
    • Pretty twisted off, the propeller carousel of Allgäu Parks.
  • Sky Dragster
    • World first Sky Dragster
  • Sky case
    • The high-thrill attraction with yo-yo effect: the Free Fall Tower at Skyline Park.
  • Sky Jet
    • Now switch to Airplane mode: with the Sky Jet in the fun park in the Allgäu!
  • Sky Jump
    • Just high jump in the air with the Sky Jump!
  • Sky Karts
    • "Give rubber" helmet and the motto on the go-kart track in the amusement park.
  • Sky rafting
    • Here all in the same boat: white water rafting fun in Skyline Park.
  • Sky Rider
    • The Sky Rider is the best entry-level model for future roller coaster enthusiasts.
  • Sky Shot
    • Give yourself "the ball" in Bavaria's adventure park and let catapult you 90 m high!
  • Sky spin
    • Dynamics in all directions: to the family coaster!
  • Sky Twister
    • Discover the freedom above the clouds in a free-flight in the Sky Twister.
  • Sky Walk
    • High ropes course and climbing park for the whole family: Who has the strongest nerves?
  • Sky Wheel
    • Headfirst into the depths: Sky Wheel, the highest overhead roller coaster in Europe!
  • Spaßbad
    • Get on the slide and then tidy pace down into the cool water.
  • petting zoo
    • Let 'touch' you from our sweet four-legged friends in the petting zoo!
  • trampoline
    • With joy do somersaults: on the trampoline facility in Skyline Park!
  • pedalo ride
    • Come on board and let you the sun shine in the face!
  • Water Balloon Shooting
    • Hit submerged: terrific atmosphere when water balloon shooting at Skyline Park!
  • water Scooter
    • He has a bright red rubber boat ... and with the rubber boat we are driving out!
  • Water playground
    • Pack your swimming costume and then just go get wet!
  • Water Splash
    • As no T-shirt stays dry: New water ride at the amusement park in Bavaria!
  • wave Swinger
    • A feeling of infinite freedom on gentle waves at a dizzy height.
  • Wildwasserbahn
    • Stand by to board: the whitewater course at Skyline Park is firmly in pirate hands!
  • Wildwasserbahn 2
    • Wildwasserbahn 2 - the largest transportable water coaster in the world
  • Zero Gravity
    • A ride for all fans of action and thrills!


+49 8245 9669 0

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Im Hartfeld 1
86825 Bad Wörishofen , BY
48° 2' 37.4568" N, 10° 35' 41.8524" E
Bayern DE

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Tuesday, 24 September, 2019 - 22:29

Für das Alter gibt es ja wenig in der Größe und mit so viel Abwechslung, aber einige der Attraktionen werden auch von anderen Anbietern besser und grösser umgesetzt. Die Wasserspiele im legoland sind zwar toll, aber können nicht mit der Therme Erding konkurrieren. Und wenn die Kinder mehr auf Fahrgeschäfte abfahren, dann gibt es auch bessere Parks wie das Oktoberfest, lokale Volksfeste oder der Euopapark in Rust.

Ich finde das gesamte abwechslungsreiche Angebot macht das Legoland attraktiv und konkurrenzlos. Wenn wir mal Lust auf was spezielles haben, dann fahren wir in die Therme Erding oder ins  Airhopp oder zum Bouldern in einen der Indoor Boulder Hallen.

Grüße Azra

Comment count: 2
Monday, 2 September, 2019 - 14:44


ja das Legoland ist unserer Meinung nach auch der beste Freizeitpark in Deutschland für Kinder. Wobei Du ja noch eine Menge von den Attraktionen ausgelassen hast. Unserer Kinder lieben vor allem den Ninjago Kampf in 3D wo man nebenbei noch eine Strecke mit einem Wagen wie in einer Geisterbahn fährt. Die Drachenachterbahn an der Burg liegt auf Platz zwei und dann kommen die Kletterparks und der neue Wasserspritz Wettkampf in dem Pharaonen Bereich. Alle anderen coolen Freizeitparks, die wir kennen sind eher für Jugendliche attraktiver.

Liebe Grüße Kimberly

Comment count: 2

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