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Jimmys Fun Park

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Jimmy's Fun Park in Dasing near Munich. The indoor theme park is located between Munich and Augsburg, just off the A8 motorway. At over 3000 square meters of play area are waiting for you in the children's area many attractions and unforgettable experiences in any weather. The following attractions, the park offers:

Climbing Volcano

A real challenge is our climbing volcano. At several ropes you can 6 m climb to the crater and then in the 9 m long tube slide rush down.

Low ropes course deep ropes

About swinging ropes and ladders you climb to the goal. keep your balance is harder than you think! But do not worry, the ground is well padded.


It makes a lot of fun with the big Bumpercars at each other like driving the bumper cars. The control with two levers is refined!


Sit down in a "donut" as a carriage and driving the curve slide down. However, before you need to bring the giant tires only in the second floor ...

Fun shooter

4 ball cannons and 3,000 softballs as ammunition - only with teamwork you as a chance!

Magic Wheel

The large disc rotates when you walk on it. How fast can you run before you are thrown?

beamer game

Whether you want to play together piano or soccer, or something completely different - with the Beamer game that goes in a special way.

FCA Torwand

How well can you aim? Practicing early if you want to be when a pro ...

Spider-Tower to 10-year-olds since May 2013: Hangel you like a spider by the networks. When you get up, you can back down through the spiral tube slide. Or you try out the cable car!

Mega trampoline

6 aerialists, whether young or old, can on the 6-Field Mega trampoline show off their tricks. However, per branch field only one person is allowed to jump. (Max. 100 kg)

Quad air hockey

Bring the floating on air Puck sent to the opponent's goal. Enjoy competitions with your friends!

Orient-Express train Bongo

Just get in and enjoy as a train driver or as a passenger the funny train. The train starts during the week always on the hour and half hour. From Fri-Sun bongo train runs every 20 minutes. Good Trip...

Giant Torwand In the six-meter giant Torwand can you Torschießen- and practice as a goalkeeper catching a ball. The goalkeeper may jump at the ball catch and can fall properly without getting blue knee. Because our goal wall is filled with air, like a bouncy castle ... A fun way to play football fun!

Toddlers Paradise

Large children's area (0-6 years) with climbing frame, soft toys, giant Legos, mini slide, ball pool, Bobbycars, motor games .... The parents can relax in the meantime on comfortable lounge sofas.


Sport, fun and games for children and adults with the "T-Wall"! Flashing lights will be affected as quickly as possible in this game. Alone or a race you train your reaction speed and endurance. Also suitable for small children!

water Scooter

The jet skis are a mega-fun for young and old. In the 96 m² large water basins her race can drive and push your fellow players from their path ...

Electric go-kart track

Here we go round! Our electric cart track you can supply you exciting race with your friends. Who's first finish line?


These excavators you can control by several lever and one colorful balls and unload like a real excavator.

Multiplay system

Climb through the many obstacles all the way up and then slip down the 12-meter wave slide.


For the adults: Relax with our modern relaxation massage chairs!

Soft-climbing wall

At our soft-climbing wall with funny džungle the little ones can safely test their strength and skill.

Carrera race track

Our Giant Carrera race track has four tracks and about 16 m length of the route! A great racing fun for all ages.


Children's birthday party at Jimmy's Fun Park

Reserve birthday party please
call: 0 82 05-96 94 92

New from 9 October:
birthday party in your own boat in Pirate Land!

Birthday Party 1

  • From 6 children *
    (incl. Birthday child)
  • Service Duration: 2.5 hours **


  • entry
  • 2 Fahrchips
  • Food (fries with chicken nuggets o. O Vienna. Fish sticks)
  • Juice spritzer (so much the kids want)
  • 1 small. Gift for birthday child
  • 1 Jimmy cake fresh from the bakery guilders Aichach
    (or: one freshly made waffle per child)
  • Sweets
  • free 1 adult: 10 children!

€ 12.90 per child -
birthday boy celebrating free!

Birthday Party 2

  • From 6 children *
    (incl. Birthday child)
  • Service Duration: about 3 hours **


  • entry
  • 3 Fahrchips
  • Food (fries with chicken nuggets o. O Vienna. Fish fingers or pizza)
  • Juice spritzer (so much the kids want)
  • 1 small. Gift for birthday child
  • 1 Jimmy cake fresh from the bakery guilders Aichach
    (or: one freshly made waffle per child)
  • Sweets
  • 1 per kl. Ice or slush ice
  • free 1 adult: 10 children!

€ 14.90 per child -
birthday boy celebrating free!

opening hours

  • Mon, Wed-Fri:
  • 14:00 to 19:00
  • Tuesday
  • Day off (only on school days)
  • Sat, Sun :
  • 10:00 to 19:00
  • Vacations, holidays (Bayern):
  • 10:00 to 19:00
  • Whit & summer holidays:
  • 10:00 to 20:00


+49 (0) 82 05 / 96 94 92

Cost in euro: 

4 - 9


Jimmys Fun Park
Laimeringer Str. 1
86453 Dasing , BY
48° 23' 26.304" N, 11° 3' 50.688" E
Bayern DE

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Monday, 2 September, 2019 - 14:44


ja das Legoland ist unserer Meinung nach auch der beste Freizeitpark in Deutschland für Kinder. Wobei Du ja noch eine Menge von den Attraktionen ausgelassen hast. Unserer Kinder lieben vor allem den Ninjago Kampf in 3D wo man nebenbei noch eine Strecke mit einem Wagen wie in einer Geisterbahn fährt. Die Drachenachterbahn an der Burg liegt auf Platz zwei und dann kommen die Kletterparks und der neue Wasserspritz Wettkampf in dem Pharaonen Bereich. Alle anderen coolen Freizeitparks, die wir kennen sind eher für Jugendliche attraktiver.

Liebe Grüße Kimberly

Comment count: 2
Tuesday, 24 September, 2019 - 22:29

Für das Alter gibt es ja wenig in der Größe und mit so viel Abwechslung, aber einige der Attraktionen werden auch von anderen Anbietern besser und grösser umgesetzt. Die Wasserspiele im legoland sind zwar toll, aber können nicht mit der Therme Erding konkurrieren. Und wenn die Kinder mehr auf Fahrgeschäfte abfahren, dann gibt es auch bessere Parks wie das Oktoberfest, lokale Volksfeste oder der Euopapark in Rust.

Ich finde das gesamte abwechslungsreiche Angebot macht das Legoland attraktiv und konkurrenzlos. Wenn wir mal Lust auf was spezielles haben, dann fahren wir in die Therme Erding oder ins  Airhopp oder zum Bouldern in einen der Indoor Boulder Hallen.

Grüße Azra

Comment count: 2

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